Circle Pines Subdivision Custer, SD


Circle Pines
Protective Covenants



These protective covenants are provided to ensure the best use and most appropriate development of the building site and to protect and enhance the value of the real estate while preserving the natural beauty of the land.



  • Lots are to be used for single family residential purposes only,
  • No mobile or manufacture home may be placed on any lot,
  • Lots shall not be subdivided,
  • Lots shall be kept in a neat, clean orderly condition at all times,
  • Home/office business OK, with some restrictions,
  • Lots may not be used for commercial purposes,
  • Lots may not be used for equipment or material storage,
  • Power and telephone lines shall be installed or constructed underground,
  • No livestock or poultry shall be raised, bred or kept on the lot except for pets,
  • Additional protections are provided, e-mail or call for details.

  • All dwellings, buildings, and structures are subject to the approval of the Architectural Review Board,
  • Dwellings and structures shall meet codes of Custer County,
  • Building permits must be obtained prior to any construction,
  • All construction must be completed within 12 months of commencement,
  • No dwelling shall be more than two stories in height,
  • All buildings shall be set back 30 feet from lot boundary line,
  • All driveways shall include a concrete or asphalt driveway apron,
  • Maintenance of Lot drainage is responsibility of Lot owner,
  • All structures shall be painted, finished or otherwise colored only with earth-tone colors,
  • All damaged dwellings must be repaired or removed within a 12 month period.


Julie Oswald
(cell) 612-251-1169
(office) 952-456-8241

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